Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tally-ho and away we go, just you wait and see! #bookexpo

As of this posting my dear sister and I shall be headed to New York City to commence with what many consider a giant party for book lovers.

For a refresher this is me:

So a quick run down if you want to get in contact with me:

Tweet me! - @PRationality, I'll answer any I get (though add me first 'cause otherwise my phone won't tell me...)

Email me! - Lexie.Cenni(@) I'll check my email periodically throughout the day, and at night of course, but don't do this if you want immediate attention

Text me! - this is for anyone who has my number of course, and if we haven't traded numbers but we have talked at length at GR or such, let me know!

For the most part if you see me I'll be with my roomies:

Yes yes yes they're all insufferably pretty--I somehow ended up in the gorgeous girl room, but well they put up with me so that's well enough.

Or I'll be with one these folks:

And if you don't know any of them please feel free to ask me! I'll probably remember their names (plus they'll have badges so that may make it easier...)

As for plans:

After BEA closes:
  • Wednesday night I plan on being at 3 or 4 events: Harlequin High Tea, Blogger Dinner (@ the Olive Garden), Harpercollins Shindig and Hotel ABA Indie Party.
  • Thursday night I plan on being at 1 or 2 events: Penguin Bird Bash and PenguinTeen Signing @ BN
  • Friday night I plan on being: no where! As of right now I have nothing scheduled!
  • Saturday night I plan on being: still no where!  As of right now I have nothing scheduled!
During Book Expo itself:
  • Friday morning Penguin Luncheon w/Richelle Mead and Melissa de la Cruz
  • Friday afternoon Meet and Greet with Sharon Lee (Baen)
I'm staying at the Doubletree at Times Square South, so if you're staying there as well give me a shout out!

I plan on playing BEA Bingo (courtesy of Book Riot)

And because I promised them, I'm likely going to tacklehug Michelle Pickett, Sarah J. Maas and Hannah (from The Girl in a Cafe). 

Meanwhile if you catch a girl fangirl'ing over these authors you'll know its me: Jeannie Lin, Sabrina Jeffries, Carla Kelly, Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins, Bella Andre and Aurelio Voltaire

Just because I've met these authors before doesn't mean I won't gush at them: Maria V. Snyder, Gretchen McNeil, Brandon Sanderson, Rick Riordan, Sarah MacLean, Maya Rodale, Leanna Renee Hieber and Jennifer L. Armentrout/J.Lynn.

Man!  I'm going to be exhausted!  So what's everyone else's plans?