Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bookish Kickstarter News: Gail Carriger's Crudat Audiobook

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Gail Carriger is not only one of my favorite romance writers, but favorite people all around.  Her blog is hilarious, her books are fabulous and the lady herself is a pleasant conversationalist.  Also the food in her books gives me so many ideas.

So it should shock no one that when I received an email talking about a forthcoming production of hers, well I leapt at the chance to dish about it.

Press Release:
ArtisticWhispers and Gail Carriger ready to introduce the world to Crudrat
Best known as the author of the Parasol Protectorate series of steampunk novels, New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger is renowned the world over for her stories filled with wit, humour, horror and excellent dress sense.
But Gail’s versatility stretches farther, and Dan Sawyer aims to prove just how far. Just before The Parasol Protectorate series hit it big, Gail created the first-rate YA science fiction adventure Crudrat. When her steampunk books made immaculately dressed history, Gail sensibly focused her efforts on their sequels--but she did not forget Crudrat.
Last year, she shared the manuscript with Sawyer, who made a deal for the audio rights. “It's not steampunk," he said, "it's not romance, and it's not comedy, and yet it is every inch a Gail Carriger novel. It's Gail at her dramatic best. I couldn't turn down the chance to produce something of this caliber.”
Carriger was eager to see if her audience would embrace her dramatic writing as well as her comedic. As a veteran audio producer with fourteen years experience under his belt, Sawyer has long worked toward expanding the audiobook segment of his business, and jumped at the chance to work with his longtime friend, Ms. Carriger. Their mutual affection for Crudrat and enthusiasm for the audio arts led them to try crowdfunding its production as a full-cast audiobook. "I wish I'd had it on my nightstand or in my tape deck when I was twelve," Sawyer said. "It's time for this story to find its place in the world."
Starting on October first and running through to Halloween, Sawyer and colleagues will run a kickstarter campaign attempting to raise the $7000 needed to fund the production. If they succeed, the novel will be produced as a full-cast, scored audiobook with hardcover copies of it available exclusively as rewards through the campaign.
Like all great projects, she's had a long gestation, but Maura the Crudrat is finally coming home. She’s about to start her biggest run yet and Sawyer, his team and Gail will be standing right behind her. Join their adventure at
Not steampunk, but it IS scifi which I've become enamored with lately for some reason.  I think its because I want to be a Star ship captain (or I'm watching too Star Trek DS9 again, either way).  Soon as I have the Kickstarter link I shall be touting it to the world!