Sunday, November 17, 2013

Penguin Warehouse Sale 2013

Its that time of year again folks--that's right its the annual Penguin Publishing Warehouse Sale!  There was some doubt as to whether I (or rather we) could attend since some...mishaps occurred on Friday that nearly prevented it.  Let's just say bitches get stitches joking.  Nah it was some personal stuff, nothing major.

Anyhow! So we went and we drove and there was the epic omg we just made a WRONG TURN into being butchered alive land.  It seriously got rather HOSTEL-esque for a while.

We made it safely to and from!

What did I get?  Funny you should ask...

Primal Possession by Katie Reus - I love Reus and this is the second book in her Moon Shifter series (after Alpha Instinct) and its about Liam.  Oh Liam. PNR

Silence by Michelle Sagara - kind of YA, but kind of not this is the first book in her "Queen of the Dead" series. Fantasy

Banner of the Damned by Sherwood Smith - a companion book set 400 years after her "Inda" books, I've been looking forward to reading this story about a Scribe who's Truth may be her undoing. Fantasy

Soulbound by Tessa Adams - While her "Dragon's Heat" books do very little for me, I felt a great need to pick up this (the first book in her new UF series "Lone Star Witch") since its set in Austin, Texas my new favorite place to visit UF Romance

Fiery Edge of Steel by Jill Archer - Destructive magicks! Also I recently got DARK LIGHT OF DAY Fantasy

Shadowlands by Violette Malan - companion to her THE MIRROR PRINCE novel, which I reviewed ages ago on a blog that is no longer around.  I may have to revisit as I forget what this is about.  Looks slightly portal fantasy though from the cover. Fantasy

Assassin's Gambit by Amy Raby - Assassins, romance, sharp pointy object on the cover, castle in the background--I'm easy to please. Fantasy Romance

Midnight Blue Light Special by Seanan McGuire - Second InCryptid book...not sure how I feel about this series, but I'm willing to give any book with chess playing dragons a second shot. Fantasy?

Masks by E.C. Blake - this just came out and I have the Kindle version, but I couldn't not also get the hardcover.  So pretty.  So mine. Fantasy

The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Francis Long - I'd swear I own this, but Tegs swears we don't so I bought it.  Trees eating people? Possibly not literally... YA Paranormal

A Million Suns and Shades of Earth by Beth Revis - finally got the complete trilogy so I can finally read it all.  Thank you Book Gods. YA Scifi

Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher - both Tegs and I enjoyed "Incarceron" (her more then me), so we decided to give this a shot as well YA Fantasy

Codex Born by Jim C. Hines - I don't know where my copy of LIBROMANCER went and it kind of pisses me off, but I love his books so I got this second book. Fantasy

Flame of Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier - Last Sevenwaters book, Maeve, Mac Dara gets just desserts (I hope? yes/yes?) all over this Fantasy History

Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver - I love love love this book set during the Bronze Age. It was impossible to not get the hardcover (I need the second book like NOW please). MG Fantasy/History

The Spy Princess by Sherwood Smith - I was seriously on a Sherwood Smith kick for some reason.  Anyhow Spy + Princess = Must Own. YA Fantasy

The Well's Bequest by Polly Shulman - The companion to THE GRIMM LEGACY, another kind of needed to save my sanity sort of thing. MG Fantasy

So like almost all were wishlist'ed books.  Despite what Tegan said.  She got a bit testy with me because I pretty much picked up every single book I wanted and within five minutes I couldn't carry them any more.  I did however trade out several hardcover copies for the less weighty (and expensive) softcover copies.  Plus I avoided the cook books ;-;

After our adventure at the Sale (which we spent 2.5hrs there), we then wanted food.  Our GPS, which is about 90 years out of date at this point so its a wonder it gets us anywhere, recommended "Fiddler's Tavern".  We thought it sounded good and off we went.

Sadly Fiddler's Tavern seemed to have disappeared completely so we had to find an alternate.  Tegs pointed out a likely looking place and we found our way to Hallo Berlin--a German place of some renown apparently. 
Hallo Berlin in Conklin, NY
Its not our first taste of German food--there's a place we go to often by our mother's house which is very much common German food of the hearty variety.  Billed as the "Best Wurst Restaurant in New York" (get it?) the inside was beautiful and the wait staff very friendly.

Also I loved the potato pancakes.

After leaving there we headed back home to no real adventure.  It was a pleasant, if long, drive back.  In all it was a wonderful day together!  Books were bought, good food was had and we only got slightly lost once.  Or twice.   Did anyone else go?