Saturday, January 11, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 11 TBR Shelf: How Many?

credit to Parajunkee
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Day 11: TBR Shelf: How Many?

At the time of this posting I have, including all books that aren't necessarily for "review" but I want to/need to read, somewhere close to 500 books (print/ebook).  Possibly closer to 600 since I just was given a big box of regency romances to read through and decide what to do with.

That said, what I read for "pleasure" with no review attached and what I read for review purposes is substantially different.  If we were to go by books I receive specifically for review (minus BEA books, as that's a different story altogether) it would be closer to about 60 books (print/ebook).  Of those 60 only about, hmm 22 did I specifically request.  The rest were either sent to me by the publisher for consideration or gifted to me with the hope of a review by the author.

Since it is just me who reviews on this blog 95% of the time I do get more books then I can handle alone.  Then also if I'm going through a reading slump for a particular genre, I will push those off.  I will also cull the hordes each month.  If its more then 3 months past the pub date, and I haven't gotten to it (for whatever reason), I will put that in the "pleasure" reading pile and move on to it when I feel the interest.  I try not to let this happen, but its been a more frequent thing as my tastes radically change day to day (like last night I wanted nothing but Regency Romances, today I want nothing but Fantasy and tomorrow I may only science fiction). 

Also, and I don't blame the authors for this, but a lot of books I've started reading/finished seem to be promoted differently then what is fact.  I can't tell you how many times I've begun an urban fantasy/paranormal YA only to find out it deals with the Fae (which I'm not fond of by in large) or with Angels (which I am almost never wanting to deal with).  The blurb I read said nothing about either of these ("Helen is gifted with extraordinary powers and the fate of the world rests on her choice between the darkly mysterious Drake and the most popular boy at school Michael" what in there says Angel to you? Not that its from a real book, but that's pretty much how these things go).

So yeah.  Long story short my TBR pile will suffocate me one day.  How's yours looking?