Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 7 Top Ten Pet Peeves

credit to Parajunkee
Check out the masterpost here and the introduction by Parajunkee (hostess).

Day 7: Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves

Ohhh this'll be fun times.

1) Moving graphics on a blog.  I don't mean like countdown widgets (though I'll stab the next widget that auto-plays music or a video), stuff like falling snow or twinkly things in the background. No no no.

2) I got this book because I know this publicist. Bully for you darling, but modesty goes a long way to make me want to continue talking to you.

3) Butting into a conversation on twitter.  I realize twitter is basically an "open" forum, and granted I'll occasionally add my two cents on a converse chain, but I would never in a million years invite myself to whatever the people are talking about (unless its a joke at Eric Balfour's expense). 

4) #hashtagging #every #single #word (or phrase).  Y'all must have seen the Justin Timberlake/Jimmy Fallon video right? No? Check it out below because that's how I feel when I see some tweets:

Granted during Discover Haven twitter parties for the new episodes I went a bit crazy...but ONLY during Haven.  Not EVERY SINGLE TWEET.

5) Bad audio on vlogs.  I shouldn't have to turn my volume all the way up to hear you.  I understand that vlogging is hard and sometimes equipment/programs are expensive, but provide a bullet point transcript maybe?

6) Random Amazon comments that I don't know what I'm talking about. Hey Buster, shut it. I read the book, I said what I thought.  I didn't just say I don't believe in gravity because the sky is green did I? No? Bugger off.

7) That look I've been given when I say I like to game.  Or that tone of comment on twitter/facebook.  Gaming, especially jRPGs or Visual Novels, involve a crapton of reading now a days.  I promise you if I've played a game for 80+ hours, with a good 1/5th of that being cut scenes/non-combat I've read at least a novel if not two.

8) Judginess over how people review.  I'm getting sick of seeing--from other bloggers--comments like "That doesn't constitute a review" and "Isn't that rather...short?".  How they want to review is their business.  There is no set "length" in our world--two sentences or two hundred, do what you like.

9) Obsessive amounts of "fan" stuff on blog sidebars.  Badges, banners, countdowns, Team This, Team That--its wonderful that you want to proclaim it, but find a more efficient way to show that spirit. If you want to be taken seriously--as in, be considered by authors, bloggers and publishers as a valuable resource--declog.  Have a special Page on your blog dedicated to that stuff, or a Pinterest board. 

10) Selling ARCs/Posting e-ARCs for download.  I promise every last one of you that I will create a program that will track your asses down and wipe out your computers.  [The movie] Hackers will have nothing on what I will do to you.  Its not only illegal, but its inconsiderate, bad form and spits on the face of us who proclaim the blogging world to be full of dedicated fans who want to help authors get their books out there.  Don't try to claim to me that you're offering an e-ARC of a highly prized book that won't be out for 7 months is to "help" the author.  The publisher's job is to get that e-ARC into hands they think will help.  Your job is to spread the word via how you felt about the book, not putting it up for pirating.

So what made your list?