Thursday, January 9, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 9 Events Attending

credit to Parajunkee
Check out the masterpost here and the introduction by Parajunkee (hostess).

Day 9: Cons or Events You Hope to Attend

In order of probable date:

ALA Midwinter 2014 (January): Philadelphia.  Its the first time Team PR has been to ALA and we're raring to go!  Tegs, Jenn and I will be dashing around trying to act like we know what we're doing while presenting a unified and professional image.  Plan on being there?  Give a shout :)

YAFest (April) : Easton, PA.  I'm hoping to make this, as its right around my birthday and my friend and I have a few authors we really want to see.

BEA 2014 (May): NYC.  For the 7th (that's right 7th!) year I shall be attending BEA and I'll have my Entourage with me as always.  Will you be there?

RTX 2014: Austin, Texas.  I think this is in July, but there's rumors it may not be.  To be fair this is a gaming convention

Can you guys name anything else I should look out for?  What are you looking forward to?