Thursday, May 22, 2014

#BEA14: 6 Titles I Can't Wait For

Were you surprised I'd have these listed?  You shouldn't be.

Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
No but really - how can you be surprised that I want to love this book before its release.  ITS ILONA ANDREWS.  Better known as THE WRITING DUO WHO CAN DO NO WRONG in my house.  Do I disagree with their choices? Sure.  Does that mean I won't buy their book the day its released even if its in hardcover and I'll buy the paperback to match the other books? Hell no. All the books to me right now please.
BEA Info:
Booth giveaway at Harpercollins Booth #2038

Party Games by RL Stine
AKA hey remember that book series that used to give me nightmares?  Terrifying, psychologically debilitating nightmares?  Guess what? New book in Fear Street guys!  Bring it on. I'm 30 now, not 19. I can take it.  (probably)

BEA Info:
Booth signing Thursday:

2:00-2:30RL StineParty GamesHorror?Booth #1738

Lock In by John Scalzi
Considering this guy managed to get me to read hardcore scifi without realizing I was reading it, he gets my love forever.  Also this just sounds so cool.  The concept is also terrifying to me.  Yeah okay so I read a lot of concepts that terrify me.
BEA Info:
Table Signing Thursday:

3:00-4:00John ScalziLock InScifiTable 13

Booth Signing Friday:

2:00-2:30John ScalziLock InScifiBooth #1738

Dearest by Alethea Kontis
The third book!  And its based around The Wild Swans and Goose Girl and such!  There is everything right going for this book and nothing going wrong.  Unless you don't read the series.  Then we can't be friends anymore.  So go read it.
BEA Info: Rumor has it there will be ARCs at the HMH Booth (1657)

My Real Children by Jo Walton
Warning I will probably cry while reading this since the summary makes me choke up.  The what ifs in life can really drive you nuts--so what does it mean when you can't tell which was the what if and which was the truth?  Is either more real then the other?
BEA Info:
Table Signing Thursday:

4:00-5:00Jo WaltonMy Real ChildrenAlt historyTable 13
Galley Giveaway Friday:

Fri 10:30amJo WaltonMy Real ChildrenAlt historyBooth #1738

And last but not least, because you know it had to be put out there:

AKA omg Sarah do you remember what you did to me in Book 2 [spoiler] when Nehemia dies?[end of spoiler]  JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF CHAOL AND CELAENA DON'T END UP HAPPILY EVER AFTER. You'll destroy me.  Seriously.  My heart can only take so much drama and its been used up by Once Upon a Time and Words of Radiance this year.  I'll bill you for therapy I promise.
BEA Info:
Table Signing Friday:

11:00-12:00Sarah J. MaasHeir of FireYA FantasyTable 5

So!  That's my list, what's yours?