Friday, May 2, 2014

Things To Know About Me Before #BEA14

Taking a page from my friend Hannah's blog, I thought I'd let y'all know some important things to keep in mind about me as well.  'Cause the more you know right?

1) This is me 100% of the time in my head.  If I seem a bit slow to respond its because I'm trying to think of something witty or sarcastic.  Usually both.  Just go with it, I'll answer eventually.

2) I'm always excited to meet up with friends I've seen in past years/on twitter/other places.  I'll also probably stare blankly at your face and at some point not subtly ask for your name and/or handle.  There may even be a point where I'm like 'omg you're from so-and-so blog!'. Take it in a stride.  I barely remember my friends' names half the time (its why they all have unique nicknames in my phone instead).
3) I will drop to the ground at some point.  I will likely even fall asleep.  It probably won't even be at the end of day or the end of BEA.  The sun and me aren't friends and I hate being awake and active during daylight hours.
4) I don't follow conversations terribly well.  I'm partially deaf in one ear and my attention is easily distracted by shiny books.  Please have patience with me.
5) I use hyperbole a lot.  "I need this book or I'll die!" for instance.  If it sounds outrageous don't mind me.  I tend to also have a hair-trigger irritation level so I might accidentally mention ninjas will flay a person alive for getting in my way.  I don't mean it.  I'm just being dramatic.
6) Tasch (of Bloody Bookaholic) will attest that our ideas to get books/meet authors are sometimes on the grey side of legal.  I can think of two authors in particular for this year where I may happily commit illegal acts to meet them.  Refer to #5 for how to handle it.
7) I hate drama and confrontations.  If you have an issue with me please say it TO me instead of via twitter or the grapevine.  I'll happily address any concerns you may have.  Keep in mind #5 however.

8) You may hear a conversation much like the one above between my sister and me.  Ignore it, I promise you we're not being serious.  Mostly.
9) You'll hear me say this quite often when I don't get a book because I got distracted by another book.  Just remind me of this:
10) and I'll probably be okay.

Oh and most importantly - next to books RoosterTeeth is my other primary obsession in life.  In specific Red vs. Blue (all the gifs from here are from RT, all the CGI ones are from RvB).  I will try to convert you to the show/company.  Just be warned.