Wednesday, November 19, 2014

COYER Winter Challenge

Challenge Signup Post

As many of my friends know I buy/download free/cheap ebooks like insanity on Kindle.  If the cover catches me, if the synopsis catches me...hell if the title catches me I'll download it.  As a result I have somewhere around 5000 kindle books.

Yeah its a bad habit (to be fair I do this with print books as well...just its a bit harder since print books tend to never be free outside of conferences).

So this challenge is right up my alley.  And I'm going to drag my friend Jenn in on it too because she has an even worse problem then me.  Go check out the details and if you do sign up, be sure to indicate that I sent you on the linky, where it says “Who referred you?” so I can win $5 to Amazon!

Challenge Length: 12/20 to 3/6

  • Read electronically! - read any e-books I have that were free (Kindle, NetGalley, Edelweiss, otherwise) or nearly free!
    • Nearly Free - here's a handy chart to determine if the book was nearly free:
  • Review - Any review books I received (Edelweiss/NetGalley) I'll review as normal.  Any free Kindle books I'll either review as normal or during my weekly challenge wrap-up post I'll talk about why I didn't enjoy the book(s).  Any books I paid for that weren't free will be subject to my normal policy of I'll review it if I like. 
  • Have fun!

  • Read/Start at least 2 books a week - I know that a fair amount of the free/cheap Kindle books I got won't be to my liking (for various reasons), so I should be able to achieve this goal.  And starting in January I'm doing the "50 Page Tuesday" weekly post so this will give me a good pile to go through!
  • Be Social - I'm really bad at this?  I go through phases when I remember and then I forget.  I'm much better at twitter, but I'm going to make it a concerted effort to go to other blogs!
  • Participate in Challenges - this will be a toughie for me.  I love challenges, but at the same time the next few months at work are going to be onerous so my mind won't be in that mindset.  
Come and join us :D