Saturday, November 15, 2014

Recent DNF Books

I've had a couple of...bad experiences with books lately.  Books that really didn't hold my attention.  And that's actually a worse crime then something that holds my attention, but for bad reasons (see: Sara Craven GR shelf...which I am a sucker for punishment I plan on reading more of her stuff.  I mean it can't get worse.).  You can see my (surprisingly small) DNF shelf on GR here, but here's the most recent things to disappoint me. 

Murder at the Book Group (Hazel Rose Mysteries)
This hasn't been published yet, so I read an e-arc for it.  Last year I had read a book called "The Agatha Christie Book Club" - which, much like this one, was about a book group who found themselves embroiled in a real life mystery.  While I ultimately found that book rather melodramatic at times, it was engaging and entertaining.  I was hoping for much the same from this.  Instead I think I stumbled into an Golden Girls-esque soap opera. I couldn't finish it and stopped around 37%.

Shadow on the Highway (The Highway Trilogy, #1)
My sister actually convinced me to drop this one pretty swfitly (see what I did there).  She's a pretty decent gauge of what I like an don't like so I trust her opinion. Aside from which by about 10% through it (before she told me) I had put it aside six separate times for something a bit more interesting, so I didn't see a reason to go on.  A pity since it sounded like something I would have jumped all over normally.
All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1)
Unlike other reviewers the sudden inclusion of multiple partners didn't upset me (I sort of expect that from either author honestly), what did upset me was the overwrought emotional rollercoaster that felt so forced and so contrived.  Romance readers say all the time that a little communication would solve most romance novel problems (thus ending the story too soon), but in this case a little communication would have solved ALL the problems and there would have STILL been enough left over story to keep reading.
I have an actual DNF review written for this one!  Basically this comes down to EVERYTHING IS SO BORING.  No one is dynamic. No one has personality. No one's drama really mattered to me.  Then for the ending to occur, it was like a slap to the face (spoiler: I skipped to the last chapter after reading about halfway through...)
Trial by Fire (Worldwalker, #1)
I should have known better since I didn't enjoy her other series so much, but I am a sucker for a book about a girl who suffers from almost as many allergies as I do (because let's be serious, the world is out to get me).
Blackfin Sky

I feel rather awful about this book (also here's a DNF review) because me and my friend Jenn spent all over BEA looking for this book.  Couldn't find it.  Got a review request from the publisher, got super super bored and confused.
Date with a Vampire (Tempted Series, #1)

A secret romance trope of mine is the "reality show" romance shenanighan's.  I love them.  Toss in a vampire as well? All over it. Except this book managed to make me want to throw my tablet out the window. I stopped at the point where Theo (the male lead's "darker" brother) decided to basically mind rape Melody (our heroine) into submitting to him (though thankfully not in SEX just in the game).  Melody's response once Guystoff tells her?  "It felt like a fog!". nope. Sorry.  not gonna happen.