Monday, May 8, 2017

#BroodyBFF Post: How did I meet Brooding YA Hero Anyhow?

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Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl was of more thanaverage good looks, way aboveaverage intelligence and not even close toaverage interests. She sighed a lot, feeling as if maybe it was her averageness that was keeping her from greatness. Or at the least keeping her from attracting the attention of one of the ten guys she knew the name of in her school of hundreds.

She despaired of ever being asked to the Homecoming Dance, or maybe it was Prom, wait was she even able to go to Prom? Did she even want to go to whatever ritual of Young Adulthood her peers, that she in no way felt a kinship with ever, were constantly talking about? She couldn't remember but the fact remained that she was in despair.

Then one warm, but not too warm, fall day a new kid arrived. Well he could have started before then - who starts a semester halfway through? - but our gal, let's call her MC, just noticed he existed and let's face it does anything else matter? Its not like the world existed before she saw him. And boy did she see him. He was tall, but not towering with fluffy, but well styled hair that looked short, but could have been longer. His green eyes sparkled like emeralds except when she looked at him for three minutes too long, then they were stormy orbs of ocean blue. Unless it was Tuesday, then they were as hazel as the trees she thinks she may be allergic to.

His loosely fitted Henley could barely cover the fact he was built like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pine or was it Evans...? One of those heroic chiseled dudes with the first name of Chris. His skin shone a healthy shade of bronze that surely didn't mean he was likely descended from aliens or deities or definitely somewhere way more North then Canada.

They shared a moment in the hallway between classes, or maybe it was after classes between the clubs MC loathed, but felt obligated to join because one of her friends urged her to join up. She didn't know his name, he probably didn't know hers (unless he was telepathic, or his creeper skills were through the roof), but she absently found herself doodling what she thought his name probably was in her notebook while he irritably told anyone who would listen that he cared not at all for that mousy girl but NO YOU CAN NOT GO NEAR HER SHE IS MINE.

Eventually, since she lived such an abysmally not even close toaverage life, she has a run in that involves her being injured and the mysterious new kid saves her and whisks her away and refuses to tell her anything except he's definitely telegraphing he's not at all normal. He tells her to forget him, to find someone normal and average like she wants to be. Unfortunately for them both due to his inability to lie worth an iota, and her inability to get a clue, the mysterious new kid's enemies find out about her and his sudden feelings for her.

Fearing for her life, he decides to hide her, but tell everyone where he hid her, so that he can protect her, but leave at a well timed moment so she's defenseless when the enemies find her. Enraged he rescues her, but in the process she is frightened by his show of not averageness (how can she compare? she is just so average). Ashamed of frightening her by being so not cool he decides to move far away and when he disappears she falls into the deepest of despairs again. Only this time its because she found love and lost it and oh how will she go on?

Look I'm the MC's older sister who basically tracked down Brooding YA Hero to wring his neck for making me put up with these melodramatic shenanigans. Except he smiled at me and now ugh I think I'm falling for him. Those blasted stormy ocean emerald hazel green blue eyes get me every time!

But I refuse to despair do you hear me? None of that!