BEA 2014 Info

With Book Expo America coming up I thought I'd give a space for where I'll be and such.  This'll be constantly updated.

If you want to meet up at the Con, shoot me an email ( and we'll work something out!

Days in the City: Weds May 28th to Sun June 1st
Hotel: Row NYC Times Square
- Bri of BAM Book Reviews
- Taschima of Bloody Bookaholic
- Tasch's Friend Ky
- Jessica of The Midnight Bookworm
- Jessica's friend  Brittanie
- my sister, Tegan

Those That Have No Choice But To See Me:

- Emily of Red House Books
- Hannah of The Irish Banana Review
- Nicole of Paperback Princess
- annnnd basically everyone in the BEA Group from GoodReads XD

(wanna see me? Hit me up!)

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Reader Related Shopping:
- The Strand  and Books of Wonder (must visits for any bookie ever)
- Kinokuniya (great place for Japanese lovers)
- Book Off (great used bookstore w/huge manga section as well as DVD's, and CD's)
- Alice's Tea Cup (choose a location--dozens of tea selections, yummy desserts, great food, GORGEOUS atmosphere)
- Forbidden Planet (great for comic/genre collectible enthusiasts)
- Midtown Comics and Jim Henley's Universe (the best comic shops--indie and mainstream pub)

Galley/Author Guides:
- Autographing Sneak Peak (March 2014)
- Spencer Hill Sneak Peak (as of 3/10)
- RWA Line-up (coming April 2014)

Happenings and Going-Ons:
- Bookrageous BEA Party! (5/28 7-9pm, Open to All)
- Shelf Awareness: Bookseller/ABA Events

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- Book Expo America Main site
- Book Expo the BEAN blog (official news)
- Official BEA Librarian Blog
- Book Bliss (a site for readers by BEA)
- BookCon 2014 (formerly Power Reader Day)

- Ticketed Authors Schedule Information


Autographing schedules are linked to the google document I'm keeping for them.

Yeah the autograph list wont' be out for a loooooooong while so I'll update when its avail!

I'll update this list as time goes with more information, posts and do-hickeys.  Yes I like my lists.